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Date: TBA 2024

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Mahalo for coming to our 2023 bon dance! Please visit this website again later for more information on our 2024 bon dance.

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Please be mindful of keiki, kupuna, and your surroundings while bon dancing! Dance with aloha! Especially during faster dances and in crowded areas.

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Things To Do 

From a lantern parade to craft fair to bon dancing, there's so much to do!

About Bon Dance

Learn about the meaning and origins of the bon dance.

Bon Dance Practices

Please join us for our practices leading up to our bon dance.

About Our Temple

Our temple holds Buddhist services, hosts  clubs, Adult Day Care, and so much more!

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Ways to help our all of our Maui friends & family recover from the devastating 2023 Maui wildfires. Parts of Lahaina Hongwanji Mission, which is a temple that is part of the same religious tradition and statewide organization as us, was destroyed by the wildfires.

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More Info

Rev. Fujimoto on the Meaning & Origin of Bon Dance

"...Many of the songs that we dance to, immortalizes the achievements, perseverance, and hardships that our ancestors went through, as many songs are written and have dance movements portraying working in the plantation or in the coal mines, such as the beloved Tanko Bushi, Ashimiji Bushi, and, Fukushima Ondo.

So the end result really is, the dancing for joy is a result of those who have come before us, and acknowledges their contribution to our lives through their hardships, pain and suffering, and their perseverance and more importantly, the karmic conditions that led to their birth into this world.

So when you enter the ring, ask yourself that question once again, "Why do I dance during Bon Dance?" Remember those who have come before you and think about all the things they did in their lives so that we have the opportunity to live life today. Then and only then does it give meaning and purpose to the "Dance of Joy.""

Excerpts from the Dharma Connection
August 2023 Issue

Rev. David Fujimoto Resident Minister,
Mililani Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

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